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We specialize in local, interstate moving services, covering all 50 states. We operate from Philadelphia, where most of our moves occur. We do many moves in

  • Philadelphia Downtown
  • Rittenhouse Square
  • Old City
  • South Philadelphia
  • University City
  • Northern Liberties
  • Northeast Philadelphia

We specialize in household moves, office moves, deliveries, and furniture assembly.
We do all types of jobs, no house is too big, and no apartment is too small. Moving from storage, or into storage is not a problem. Doing a small furniture pick up from your favorite store, or just assembeling a furniture peice, we do it all!


Moving Service’s

Packing and Organizing

This is one of the many services we provide that will guarantee to make your moving day easier. We come in and pack all of your belongings for you, we put all clothes into boxes, Flat screen tv’s also in boxes, valuable items and fragile items we wrap and put them in boxes. We will pack all of your stuff in a very organized way, each box and bag will be labeled, all of your dishes and kitchen accessories will be marked FRAGILE on the boxes, along with a description of all that is inside the box. We will also disassemble and pack any electronics that you may have. We also will help you plan step by step the whole process of the move. We also look forward to working with and helping our senior citizens, with our very friendly, understanding and patient employees. We also offer to help you organize in your new home. For our price for the Packing and Organizing service please call us at (215) 715 – 4647.

Moving Quotes

Our most common service is the moving, our prices are always a FLAT-RATE. We do NOT charge by the hour, we do NOT charge a truck fee, and we do NOT charge any taxes, in our current economy everyone loves that. What we do is, we come out and look at your property, we look at all of the things that you are taking, we look at the moving conditions to see if we are dealing with a lot of steps or long hallways, we also take an account how many guys we will need and what kind of tools to bring. We like to know what we are getting into with every job that we do, so in order for us to give you an accurate flat-rate price we would have to come out and do an estimate (which takes no longer then 5 min). Some of the benefits that you will like with our flat-rate pricing, is that fact that you wont have to guess how long it will take your movers to move you, you wont have to assume how much the move will cost you, with our flat-rates you will know months in advance! All of our employees are extreamly careful in their work, we always protect your furniture, wrap it, cover it in blankets, assemble it, disassemble it, we understand that your furniture is important to you. Our guys are very efficient, neat and friendly. We are all local and live in philadelphia, we are all young men in our 20’s and 30’s with each employee having over 5 years experience in moving. All of our guys are great, and enjoyable to be around. And most importantly we offer great affordable priceing, you wont find a better price then ours. Call us for a FREE estimate today! (215) 715 – 4647


Everyone has one or two peices of furniture that just dont go with your new place, thats when our storage is here to help you. We accept individual pieces of furniture as well as a whole appartment, whith our individual spaces as big as 20ft by 20ft and as small as 5ft by 10ft. Give us a call if you need more information. (215) 715 – 4647














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